End Poverty

Creating Sustainable livelihoods

President's Message

" I call upon you to join hands with us and actively participate in our mission of making India a poverty free nation"

I have been seeing the developmental initiatives for over 25 years now and feel the collective efforts have made some impact but still there are many gaps and many problems needs to be tackled. End Poverty (EP) endeavours to fill that gap and deepen the impact.

EP continues to work on the defined focus areas and engages with its stakeholders who have a common mission. I call upon you all to join hands with us and actively participate in EP mission of making India a more sustainable nation.

For six years, EP has been involved in different programs to help raise the capacity of needy people. Its programs are now spread over 50 villages in Tijara Block covering 3000 families. EP is trying to create conditions for the people to move ahead by improving their economic condition and at the same time increasing their capacity to deal with the environmental problems.

EP Team is mindful about the trust and responsibility reposed by its stakeholders and people of our nation to make the best possible efforts to uplift the poorest of the poor. EP engages with its stakeholders, at least once a year, learns from them and from its own experience and accordingly re-designs its programs, contents and implementation approach. Its vision is now firmly grounded on creating enabling environment for people to come up in their life and lead a life of dignity and its entire program is sharply designed to achieve this.

EP’s Approach is that “training is one of the most important elements among others to support the families striving for change”. The performance of all its programs are monitored regularly and I am happy to report that significant achievements have already been made in the Phase I, i.e. 2009-10 to 2014-15 and we have now plans and programs ready for Phase 2 i.e. 2015-16 to 2020-21 and work on the same has started. There is a great deal of enthusiasm among the local people with regard to EP’s work.

Let me express my deepest gratitude to the GEN Initiative, UK for the support we have been receiving since our inception. In particular, we are grateful to Sue Burke for her keen interest in the work of EP and supporting us tirelessly. My sincere thanks to our other Partners: iPartner, PSF, Sage, Hand in Hand, GAIN, Mphasis, Sapient, Cisco, inMobi, Godrej, valuefirst and many other corporate and individual donors for their support. I am also thankful to the members of the Governing Bodies of EP for their support and contribution. Last but not the least; I commend all colleagues at EP for their hard, committed and honest work, so crucial to ensure the purposeful journey of EP towards realizing its vision and mission.