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Success Stories

EP gives Bimal a livelihood for life

Bimal is from the village Jojaka, Tijara Block, Alwar District, Rajasthan. She joined women livelihood program run by EP in her village in 2012. She can make variety of products and her favourite products are 'round pouches', shopping bags and square table covers. Bimal attends all the trainings organised by EP and has grown in stature in the 4 years of engagement in the ACC. Today she is the Coordinator (Sahayika) of Ajeevika Craft Centre, Jojaka and her enthusiasm, commitment and hard work continues to inspire team EP to make necessary efforts to provide the poor and needy women of her village an additional source of livelihood through the ACC program.

As the Sahayika of ACC, Jojaka, Bimal ensures that women are steadily engagedin their work and strive for good quality production, with minimum rejection.A normal day in her life is packed with activities like taking care of her children, cleaning the house, going on the fields and feeding the cattle, and in spite of her other responsibilities, she loves to work in the ACC and make variety of products.

Here is Bimal’s success story in her own words:

“This programme has helped me stand on my feet. The extra money earned through ACC has helped me in getting education for my children. The regular flow of income has reduced borrowing from money lender at very high rate of interest every now and now which ended any scope for saving. My present engagement in ACC gives me immense pleasure as it has not only made her independent and it has revived my confidence. Now I have better house and our quality of life is better”.

Happy farmer

Mr.Unnas is a farmer from Patan Kalan village in Tijara block of Alwar district. Traditionally, like other farmers in the area, he grew mainly wheat, millet, sorghum, and mustard. His interest in growing fruit trees was stimulated by an exposure visit conducted by EP in 2012 to Grewal Farm, an organic farm near his village.

EP encourage farmers to consider a horticulture farming as it consumes less water, give higher income and improve environment. On the basis of this, Unnas decided to take up EPs offer of some fruit tree saplings together with training on how to grow them. Since then he has planted 113 fruits trees of lemon guava and pomegranate.

At the GEN / EP Stakeholder Meet in January 2016, Unnas brought a bag of lemons to show his success in growing this crop. Here is what he told us:

Here is Unnas’s success story in his own words:

“My name is Unnas. I am from Patan Khurd village of Tijara. Since 2012 I have been associated with End Poverty and have received lemon, guava and pomegranate trees from the organisation. Till this year my family (2 sons and 2 daughters) and friends have enjoyed the fruits, but from now on I am expecting the harvest of fruits to be much larger. My family and I are looking forward to selling and earning from the fruits.”