End Poverty

Creating Sustainable livelihoods

Target Areas

End Poverty works in the Tijara Block of Alwar district in Rajasthan which is located in the north-east of Rajasthan, about 90 KM from Delhi on Delhi Alwar highway. EP currently works in 50 villages of Tijara Block. These 50 villages haveabout 8000 HH with 70,000 populations. The area has little access to basic amenities such as roads, transport, education, health and sanitation. Literacy rate is extremely low and 40% of the population is below poverty line. An average household has 8.5 members. Hindi, Punjabi, and Rajasthani are the main languages spoken in the area. In brief, the area is synonyms with poverty, illiteracy, poor health conditions etc.

EP's main target segment is Poor households, landless agricultural labour, small and marginal farmers; traditional artisans, poor and needy women and unemployed youth.

Problem Statement

The Mewat region of Alwar district remains socio economically backward as over 90% people depend on farming for their livelihood. Agricultural productivity is low as farms sizes have become small and unviable; farmers continue to follow traditional methods of farming. Farmers have low surplus income and as a result they are unable to invest in better tools & techniques of farming and his risk taking ability to go for high income crops has gone down. Dairy farming is an equally important economic activity in the area. But in the absence of organised players to capture the surplus milk, farmers are in the grasp of middle man. Non-farm sector activities are not popular in the area. Youth lack in education and employable skills and as a result cannot get jobs. Entrepreneurship is low in absence of education, capacity to invest and credit availability.