End Poverty

Creating Sustainable livelihoods


Sue Burke

Sue affirms her faith in End Poverty

'The organisation that I chair, the Grassroots Empowerment Initiative (GEN), has worked with End Poverty since EP was founded in 2009. Much of our experience has been based on partnership working around the full range of EPs work including the catch up education programme for unschooled adolescent girls, the income generation handicrafts project for women farmers, support for Village Development Groups and the work they do with farmers to promote improved dairy farming and the diversification of farm produce. GEN has full faith in what EP does and has done since 2009 and will be fully supportive of EP for the foreseeable future. EP is trusted by villagers in the Tijara Block and continues to flourish and expand. It has an excellent reputation in the Alwar District and it's help is often sought by district and state officials'

Ameer Virani

Keep up the good work

"The three months I spent on the ground with End Poverty at the end of 2013 to develop a rural tourism product was an extremely meaningful experience. I had the opportunity to work closely with the organisation's knowledgeable field staff to create a tour which would benefit local people and ensure visitors left with interesting stories to tell about life in the villages.

Judith Schneider

It was a wonderful experience

Working with END POVERTY in 2011 was a wonderful experience for me which I am very grateful about. The passion, commitment, professionalism and heart of the END POVERTY team was visible at all time and the trust the villagers had towards the organisation was proof of many years of good work.”

Kailash Chandra

Women play a key role in supporting their households especially in rural India, where they face adverse situations if they dream to do something unconventional. ‘End Poverty’ has initiated a mission to outreach and economically empower these women. The breathless excitement in every member reaching out and making a difference is contagious to even the most casual of bystanders. The personal touch and the genuine concern is the core of every initiative whether it’s Women Child Education, Women Empowerment or Women Focused Livelihood Projects.