End Poverty (EP) is a civil society organization, started in the year 2009, based in India that designs and delivers innovative solutions for the poor of India in partnership with national and international organizations.EP’s approach is to enable and empower people for change and support them with identifying solutions and making informed choices. The programs are designed after meeting the targeted beneficiary groups, understa nding their needs and aspirations, in-depth research, with scientific and strategic inputs from a team of experts and dedicated professionals.

Our Vision

We strive for the economic development of the poor and needy in the operational areas through education, training, and capacity building.

Our Mission

To develop the capacity and skills of the members of the socially and economically disadvantaged people in India in such a way that they are better able to identify and help meet their needs and to participate more fully in society.

Our Values

  • Service Beyond Self – Our core values are rooted in service beyond self thus, our activities are dedicated to benefiting others, whether the broader public or specific segments of society.
  • Integrity – We prioritize honesty, ethics, and moral principles in every aspect of our work.
  • Transparency – We foster a culture of openness and transparency internally and externally.
  • Accountability – We are accountable and answerable for our actions and decisions, primarily to make things better and to pursue excellence in the community we serve.
  • Value-Driven Partnership – We recognize that our challenges and opportunities are often best addressed through collective efforts.
  • Truthfulness – We value truthfulness and accuracy in our communications.

Governing Body

Our esteemed Board Members are the guiding pillar of our organization, each bringing a wealth of diverse experiences and expertise to our mission. Their commitment and active involvement are the cornerstones of our decision-making process. With 64 quarterly meetings held so far, our Board Members diligently meet every quarter to assess the financial performance and monitor the ongoing progress of the organization, collectively shaping a path towards our shared vision.

Vinod Kaushik
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Mr. Vinod Kaushik Founder & CEO

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Dr. K. K. Upadhyay Board Member

Renu Lamba
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Flt. Lt. (Dr.) Renu Lamba Board Member


Mrs.Pratibha Dusraj Pal Board Member

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Dr. Neelam Maheshwari Board Member

Board Member
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Nand Kishore Avantsa Board Member

Damodar Sharma

Mr. Damodar Sharma Board Member

Core Team

Our core team is a versatile blend of professionals from diverse backgrounds. We ensure swift program delivery and operational efficiency while charting strategic directions for current and upcoming initiatives. We work seamlessly to maximize impact and empower communities. Together, we drive sustainable change and pave the way for a brighter future.

Vinod Kaushik
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Mr. Vinod Kaushik Founder & CEO

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Satish Dimri CEO Office

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Shreyasi Pathak CEO Office

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Sachin Bedi Strategic Initiatives

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Heena Ludhani Strategic Initiatives

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Asmita Bhardwaj Strategic Initiatives


Somanth Roy Chowdhury Program & Operations

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Abhishek Dubey Program & Operations

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Roopali Gupta Program & Operations


Ms. Swati Bisht Human Resource

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Mohit Kaushik Procurement

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Joginder Julah Finance


Chetan Bhardwaj Legal Compliance

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Aastha Garg Monitoring & Evaluation

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Srasti Trivedi Communications

Donors & Contributors

Strategic partnerships and close cooperation with our donors and leading organizations around the globe makes us stronger and helps us in creating sustainable social impact!

Current Doners

  • IDFC First Bank
  • hb
  • united-breweries-logo
  • HCL Foundation
  • Deloitte-Logo
  • gi
  • Ministry of MSME
  • DDD
  • 2560px-Bank_of_America_logo.svg
  • Grant Thornton Logo
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  • logo-cofco

Past Doners

  • visual71_logo@3x
  • yc
  • gg
  • benevity-logo
  • trf
  • wells-fargo
  • target
  • inmobi
  • convergys
  • cisco
  • kpmg
  • nec
  • hsbc
  • ms
  • sc
  • sapient
  • yesbank
  • nutanix
  • unisys
  • oracle
  • google
  • Vedanta
  • GEN Logo
  • nestle
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