March 15, 2022

Other Documents

Our Other Documents section is a versatile repository housing a diverse range of materials beyond our Annual Reports. Here, you'll find a wealth of resources, including brochures, project reports, and more, each offering unique insights into our initiatives, innovations, and impact. Whether you're seeking detailed project analyses, informative brochures outlining our services, or in-depth studies on our industry, this section has you covered.

Reports - End Poverty

Below you can find all sort of different documents relate to our operations:

  1. End Poverty Brochure
  2. Mission Shwetdhara Report – IDFC First Bank
  3. Climate Sakhi Report – Delloite
  4. Holistic Rural Development Programme – Bulandshahr – HDFC Bank
  5. Holistic Rural Development Programme – Guna – HDFC Bank
  6. Holistic Rural Development Programme – Rewari – HDFC Bank
  7. Dairy Development Programme – HCL Foundation
  8. End Poverty Gazette – January to March 2024 Edition
  9. End Poverty Gazette РApril 2024 Edition 
  10. End Poverty Gazette – May 2024 Edition