Empowering rural women through dairy intervention

Banti Bai Lodha

Banti Bai Lodha is a dairy farmer from Puraposar village in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. She is an active member of Guna Vikas Mahila Farmer Producer Company Ltd. which has been established by the End Poverty with the support of HDFC Bank CSR under its HRDP project. Her family monthly income was Rs. 5000-6000/- from dairy business and she always felt that the activity is very profitable. Banti came to know about Guna Vikas Mahila Farmer Producer Company Ltd. through Gram Sakhi Shivani Lodha appointed by End Poverty as a local resource. Banti attended the dairy farmers’ meetings and trainings at the FPC and gained knowledge about the best practices of dairy farming.

She started to sell milk to MPC at its BMC unit located in Puraposar village. The milk brought by her was tested for quality before accepting the milk at BMC and price was fixed as per the rate chart which was fed in data processor which is IT enabled and controlled centrally to avoid any kind of manipulation by local collection in charge. Earlier she was getting on an average   Rs.  32 / litre from local milk vendor but in FPC she got over Rs. 42 / litre. Payment was directly made in her account. On an average she was selling 7-8 litre / day. Now she gets approximately Rs. 10,000 / month. This has inspired her and now she is looking to expand her milk business by inducting more milch animals.

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