February 3, 2023

End Poverty’s promoted Shahal Bulandshahr farmer Producer company Limited commenced its milk procurement business.

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End Poverty in partnership with HDFC Bank CSR team , under the Holistic Rural Development Programme is promoting dairy value chain through establishing dairy farmer’s producer companies in order to maximise the benefits for dairy farmers.
We are pleased to share that on 28th January 2023, Shahal Bulandshahr farmer Producer company Limited commenced its milk procurement business. 2 Bulk Milk Chilling (BMC) Units were inaugurated in Mania Tikri and Jaria Alampur village, Bulandshahr. Along with BMC Units, Milk Pouring Point (MPP) was also inaugurated in Thauna Village of Bulandshahr, district of Uttar Pradesh. The entire milk procurement will be driven through automated systems and real time data will be captured through robust IT systems. It will help the dairy farmers to know the quality of the milk produced in terms of SNF% water% etc. and the dairy farmer will get the best value for their produce. It will also ensure timely payments of the farmers as per the payment cycle.
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