October 15, 2022

Inauguration of farmers’ retail shop

End Poverty provided support in facilitating the inauguration of farmers’ retail shop on 1st September 2022, under the aegis of Dinker Agriculture Producer Company Ltd. (DAPCL), the special purpose vehicle for the Tijara Fruits and Vegetable Cluster Development Project in Alwar, Rajasthan.
The initiative in undertaken to help the farmers in the region to have better accessibility to the market and to connect with bulk buyers in the nearby territories. It will not only provide market access for the farm produce but will also eliminate the monopoly of the middlemen and excessive cost of transportation which the farmers had to bear.
End Poverty looks forward to provide support to DAPCL for its future prospects towards betterment of small and marginal farmers.
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Rural Development

We facilitate and propel regional development in rural areas by strongly emphasizing infrastructure development. We strive to build the capacities of rural communities and identify agents of change from those communities to lead to the overall development of our operational areas.


Dairy Development

We have strategically taken the Dairy Development Program to improve animal productivity, create a compelling value chain, and build the farmers' capacity. Our overarching goal is to uplift small and marginal dairy farmers by increasing their income while ensuring the overall viability of the dairy sector.


Sustainable Agriculture

The agriculture sector faces significant challenges, such as small land holdings, a lack of infrastructure, poor-quality input supplies, and a lack of modern scientific knowledge. To address these issues, we help farmers adopt the best farming practices through regular training and enhance their farm income through value chain development.



We strive to make quality education accessible to students across our operational areas by equipping them with advanced infrastructure and a conducive environment where they can grow and thrive, providing them with an educational experience that meets the demands of the contemporary age.