September 20, 2022

Protsahan sah Abhinandan Samaaroh-Hardoi

End Poverty organized a “Protsahan sah Abhinandan Samaaroh” in the Bahender block of Hardoi District for Dairy farmers and village level volunteers to commemorate the successful implementation of the “Dairy farmers’ Training Programme” which was being implemented in the region by End Poverty with the support of HCL Foundation.

The programme undertook training of more than 3500 dairy farmers in dairy best practices. These trainings were conducted by village level cadres who visited the households of dairy farmers on daily basis to reinforce the learning and monitor the incorporation of the best practices by the participating farmers.
Around 3700 dairy farmers have been trained under the Dairy Farmers Training Programme in bahender. More than 12000 farmer households have been visited by the Volunteers of End Poverty to bring about behavioural change in various aspects of dairy.
The event had the presence of veterans as guests and key note speakers. Mr. Yogesh Kumar, Operations Head, HCL Samuday, Hardoi, Mr. Dinman Narayan Project Coordinator – Dairy Programme, HCL Samuday, Hardoi, Dr. V.K. Tiwari , Retd. General Manager, Parag Coops, Dr. V.N. Sharma and Dr. Rachna Singh, Director People and Culture at End Poverty, addressed the gathering.
Farmers also shared their experience of the entire training programme and how they could bring about change in their day to day practices. It has helped them in improving animal health and has increased productivity. Farmers and village volunteers were felicitated for their adoption of best practices and dedicated efforts towards change.
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