March 16, 2022

EP’s School Renovation at Bulandshahr (U.P.)

End Poverty has been renovating schools in a cluster of villages at Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh) under the HRDP Programme.

School Renovation, Bulandshahr
Smart Classroom as part of School Renovation

Schools in rural India, are important centers of knowledge and are vital to the progress of the country. There is an immediate need, however, to overhaul the infrastructural deficiencies in order to create safe and vibrant learning atmosphere.

End Poverty, identifying this urgent need, has been renovating schools in a cluster of villages in Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh) under the Holistic Rural Development Programme (HRDP). As part of the renovation activity, infrastructural overhaul is being complemented with creation of Smart Class rooms in these schools. This will go a long way in creating vibrant and modern learning centers in rural India.

End Poverty is the implementing partner with the HDFC Bank for the HRDP project.

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We facilitate and propel regional development in Rural areas by placing a strong emphasis on infrastructure development. We strive to build the capacities of rural communities and identify agents of change from those communities to lead to the overall development of our operational areas.


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We are driven by the purpose of uplifting small and marginal dairy farmers. Hence, have strategically taken the Dairy Development Program with the purpose of improving animal productivity, creating an effective value chain and building capacity of the farmers. Our overarching goal is to promote the development of dairy farmers by increasing their income while ensuring the overall viability of the dairy sector.


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