September 28, 2023

Shwetdhara’s Five-Year Milestone Celebration

Shwetdhara's Five-Year Milestone Celebration: A Testament to the Successful Mission of Uplifting Marginalized Farmers through Enhanced Animal Productivity

Mission Shwetdhara

We have completed five years of transformative impact through our program “Shwetdhara.” In partnership with the IDFC FIRST Bank initiative, “First Impact,” we’ve reached a significant milestone in our mission to uplift marginalized farmers by enhancing animal productivity.

In order to celebrate the milestone, we held a two-day celebration. The first day of the celebration commenced with the inauguration of the head office of Boraj Gram Sakhi Mahila Milk Producer Company Limited at Jaipur. This momentous event was made even more remarkable by the fact that the company is entirely comprised of dedicated and hardworking women who are actively involved in the dairy industry. Further in the day, we witnessed a vibrant calf rally in Jobner, uniting over 200 dairy farmers. It showcased the tangible outcomes of our program, with 100 improved calves and heifers born with artificial insemination, superior cattle feed, and enhanced healthcare practices. Each calf underwent rigorous evaluation based on criteria such as weight, overall health, breed characteristics, and deworming status. We’re thrilled to share that ten exceptional calves were identified, and their dedicated owners were rewarded with Rs 5,100 each. This rally highlighted the growing awareness of healthy farming practices and provided a platform for farmers to learn from field experts.

On the second day, we celebrated our unsung heroes – the “Gram Sakhis,” or Women Entrepreneurs at the village level, whose unwavering support has been integral to the success of our program. The “Gram Sakhi Samaroh” allowed us to honour their remarkable journey over the past five years and to set our sights on a promising future.

Both days were graced by distinguished guests from IDFC First Bank, including Mr. Adrian Andrade, Chief Human Resources Officer; Mr. Ashish Singh, Head Rural Banking; Ms. Rachana Iyer, Head Corporate Social Responsibility; Ms. Vidhi Singh, Senior Manager Corporate Social Responsibility, and Mr. Lalit Vedula, Manager Corporate Social Responsibility. We were equally honoured to have our own Mr. Vinod Kaushik, CEO, and Mr. Sudhir Sharma, Board Member, representing End Poverty, symbolizing our collective commitment to sustainable development.

End Poverty remains steadfast in our mission to alleviate poverty and empower marginalized communities. The success of the “Shwetdhara” program serves as a testament to our dedication and impact.

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