India was a milk deficient country, but with the initiative by Dr. Verghese Kurien, 'Operation Flood' led our country to be the largest milk producer in the entire world. This also helped in doubling the milk available per person, along with an increased milk output four times within 30 years.


Why focus on Dairy Development?

Dairy farming is an extremely important economic activity, especially in light of reducing land holding size and overdependence of farming  on  rainfall  for irrigation. Despite many initiatives by various central and state government instruments, the organized dairy sector has been able to procure only up to 30 % of the total milk surplus in the country and the rest is handled by unorganized players. The dairy value chain is infested with  petty middlemen in the absence of organized players to procure the surplus milk, and farmers  are exploited at every stage of the dairy value chain.


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Rural Development Programme

End Poverty has been implementing Integrated Rural Development models aimed at overall infrastructural development of the village as well as income enhancement for the beneficiaries


Sustainable Agriculture

End Poverty has been supporting small and marginal farmers with quality inputs, implements, trainings, and market access across our impact areas with an aim to increase their income


Dairy Development

End Poverty's dairy development plan aims to increase animal productivity by promoting modern methods of dairy farming and pertinent use of technological advancements.


Girls' Education

End Poverty realizes the importance of Girls' Education and has designed a programme specifically catering to the out of school girls