In 2018, with the support of IDFC First Bank, we initiated Mission Shwetdhara, a project dedicated to improving the lives of small and marginal dairy farmers through animal productivity enhancement in the villages of Jaipur and Sikar, Rajasthan.


The flagship dairy development program of IDFC FIRST Bank, is a transformative initiative dedicated to uplifting small and marginal farmers. At its core, Shwetdhara focuses on enhancing animal productivity through measures such as animal breed improvement, healthcare, and nutrition. 


Benefeciaries Reached


Villages Covered

Central to this innovative program is the empowerment of rural women, known as Gram Sakhis, who are trained and mentored to become knowledgeable dairy resource persons within their communities. Shwetdhara not only boosts economic prospects but also fosters holistic dairy development, uplifting entire village economies by providing essential input services directly to villages. This association between IDFC FIRST Bank and End Poverty underscores their commitment to creating sustainable and impactful change for dairy farmers, exemplifying a comprehensive approach to rural upliftment and economic empowerment.

Objectives Of The Mission

Mission Shwetdhara works on three pivotal pillars of animal productivity enhancement. 

Animal Breed Improvement: Through Artificial Insemination, we provide high-quality genetics and promote the adoption of the best breed animals. 

Animal Health: We facilitate access to veterinary services, preventive healthcare measures, and vaccination programs at the farmers’ doorstep to keep the livestock healthy and productive. 


Animal Nutrition: Through quality input services at the farmer’s doorstep, we promote area-specific balanced nutritious fodder and varied other supplements, such as mineral mixture and liquid calcium, to enhance the cattle’s vitality.


All the elements of the mission are designed to work towards the overarching goal of enhancing farmers’ incomes and catalyzing sustainable development.

Over the past six years, we extended our impact by reaching around 10,339 beneficiaries across 280 villages from the Jaipur and Sikar districts of Rajasthan. We’ve achieved significant improvements across key areas:

• Reduced intercarving period from 5-6 months to 2-3 months, boosting breeding program efficiency.
• Increased number of calving in the lifespan from 6-7 to 8-9, enhancing herd size and farmer income.
• Maintained a 20%-25% immunity rate during disease outbreaks, ensuring livestock survival.
• Enhanced milk production, with each animal now yielding an average of 25%-30% more.

These achievements reflect the progress and adaptability of our mission, paving the way for farmers’ sustainable and prosperous future.

  • IDFC First Bank

Top 30 Most Trusted NGO of the Year – 2023 Award

We are happy to share that End Poverty has received the “Top 30 Most Trusted NGO of the Year – 2023 Award” at the Indian Social Impact Awards Event organized by Brand Honchos. We are grateful to Brand Honchos for recognizing the good work done by End Poverty. This recognition encourages us to do more and we shall continue to give our best and make positive impact in the life of people striving for change. It has been our endeavor to adhere to best practices and deliver the best services at the last mile.